Jesus Died For Our Sins – Let’s Fuck

Jesus Died For Our Sins - Let's Fuck shirt from UCLBOk, so if somebody already ‘died’ for our sins, then we really should take advantage of the situation, don’t you think? I don’t care who it is: Jesus, Matthew, James, Luke, Simon they all died in the name of Christianity.

Why in the world would any good Christian not want to celebrate these misguided souls with livin’ it up now? Come on, if it’s true that God will forgive us ANY past regressions, then should we not regress? I think we should. How can you really understand sin unless you experience it first-hand?

This is an excellent way to show that you understand what Jesus was trying to do, but at the same time you want to capitalize on his generosity.

This Jesus Died For Our Sins – Let’s Fuck shirt is a great way to be a good Christian and come on to all the other sexy sinners around you. Get one today!

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